The BBVA Foundation and Hospital Clínic launch forumclínic, an interactive health program for patients suffering chronic diseases
A total of 263,000 copies of forumclínic DVDs will be distributed to 2,219 primary healthcare centers all over Spain

Inflammation is at the origin and progression of diseases such as diabetes or cancer
BBVA Foundation and IRB Barcelona have invited fifteen international researchers to discuss new scientific evidence associating chronic inflammation with a long list of diseases. Cancer and diabetes are the latest additions to this list.

The BBVA Foundation commits 2.4 million euros to research in Ecology and Conservation Biology
Among the projects supported is a scientific study into the decline of shorebird populations, considered to be important indicators of climate change.

The BBVA Foundation announces its 2007 Awards for Biodiversity Conservation
This third edition of the BBVA Foundation Awards for Biodiversity Conservation takes in four prize categories, for world-class scientific research in Ecology and Conservation Biology, innovative actions to preserve biodiversity in Spain and Latin America, and the dissemination of knowledge and social awareness on the importance of protecting nature. The combined amount of these awards, at over one million euros, is the highest of its kind internationally.

The BBVA Foundation funds the attachment of six leading international specialists to Spanish research centers and hospitals
The BBVA Foundation Biomedicine Chairs are endowed with 1.2 million euros.

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