The BBVA Foundation awards its 2007 Biomedicine Chairs
The BBVA Foundation has decided its 2007 call for six Biomedicine Chairs, enabling the attachment of leading international specialists to Spanish groups of excellence working at basic and clinical research centers.

A combination of climate change and human activity drove the woolly mammoth to extinction
A scientific study funded by the BBVA Foundation concludes that planetary heating restricted the habitats suitable for the mammoth to parts of the Arctic, while a northward wave of human migration produced the final 'coup de grâce'.

Mediterranean biodiversity is the most gravely imperiled
Osvaldo Sala, a professor at Brown University, alerts to the biodiversity losses the Earth will suffer to the year 2100, at a lecture given in the BBVA Foundation.

Carbonell: “Technical and cultural selection is taking over from natural selection”
Archaeologist Eudald Carbonell talks in the BBVA Foundation about the scientific milestones of the Atapuerca settlement.

Peter Bowler opens the “Darwin and Wallace” lecture cycle in the BBVA Foundation, commemorating the first 150 years of evolutionary theory
In this lecture series, organized jointly by the BBVA Foundation, CIC bioGUNE, the Basque Regional Government, the Vizcaya Provincial Council and the British Council, seven eminent international specialists will examine the modern scientific legacy of the discoverers of evolution.

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