European students are interested in politics but distrust politicians

University students express a greater interest in political issues than the general public and feel that they have some influence over what happens in their respective countries.

International Study on University Students in Six European Countries

The BBVA Foundation presents the findings of its “International University Students Study”, based on a broad-ranging survey of the lives and opinions of university students in six European countries with reference to their degree courses and their personal and work prospects. In a context characterised by the challenges of the knowledge society and present-day factors like the economic crisis and European convergence process, the study examines the views and experiences of what will shortly become the majority professional segment, analysing differences and similarities in six European countries.

The BBVA Foundation presents its Frontiers of Knowledge Awards at a formal ceremony celebrating scientific and artistic creation

The 2009 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards ceremony, which took place this evening, stands as a celebration of the best in advanced research, integrating basic and applied knowledge and with the power to transform the lives of individuals and societies. The ceremony, under the presidency of Spain’s Minister of Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia, BBVA Foundation President Francisco González, and the President of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Rafael Rodrigo, welcomed eminent representatives of the international scientific community and high-level government institutions as well as leading figures from the worlds of business and the arts.

Robert Lefkowitz is working on a new kind of heart failure drug combining greater efficacy with fewer side effects

The 2009 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award laureate in Biomedicine believes the approach he is developing could be applied to dozens of pathological conditions.The drug – in phase I clinical trials since April last being assessed for safety and absorption in human subjects – is a product of Lefkowitz’s latest research, building on the insight that earned him the Award: the identification of the receptors targeted by half of today’s prescription drugs.

Klaus Hasselmann: The crisis can help us build a clean economy

“Building a new, cleaner economy is an absolute necessity, so the sooner we get started, the better." These warning words were pronounced by physicist and mathematician Klaus Hasselmann, 2009 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge laureate in Climate Change  at a press conference this morning. "With all technological advances you have to invest first before you can reap the benefits; in this case, the only difference is that inaction will turn out far more dangerous and expensive than facing the changes that need to be made."

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