BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge laureates Deaton and De Quadros defend the advances made in reducing world poverty

"A lot still needs doing, but the situation has improved.” The quote could be attributed equally to Ciro de Quadros or Angus Deaton, BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge laureates in the Development Cooperation and Economics, Finance and Management categories respectively. De Quadros, a Brazilian epidemiologist and leading actor in the worldwide eradication of smallpox, refers with these words to the improvement secured in global public health, which is also, he stresses, an “indispensable motor of economic growth.” Deaton, an economist who has researched into both poverty and happiness, is refers to the plight of the very poorest, which was “far, far worse fifty years ago.”

BBVA Foundation International Study: Understanding of Science

The BBVA Foundation presents the results of its “International Study on Scientific Culture”, based on a wide-ranging survey as regards both sample size (1,500 interviewees in each of the 11 countries analyzed) and the variety of issues broached.

Richard Forman, the father of landscape ecology, talks about how cities should grow

Richard Forman, Professor of Landscape Ecology at Harvard University (United States) is an ecologist in love with cities and highways but also keenly aware of the environmental problems they pose. His job, after all, is to mitigate their impact. "What I try to do is mold the terrain so both people and nature can prosper,” he explained at a lecture given in the BBVA Foundation, Madrid.

De Quadros wins the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Development Cooperation

The jury singled out the role of the Brazilian researcher and epidemiologist in a string of vaccination successes that stand among “the prime achievements of medicine”

Briton Angus Deaton, a leader in the measurement of wellbeing and poverty, takes the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Economics, Finance and Management

The jury has singled out his fundamental contributions to the theories of consumption and savings, and the measurement of economic wellbeing. Among his current interests is to gauge the impact of the crisis on living standards in different countries.

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