The presidents of Fundació Joan Miró and the BBVA Foundation open the exhibition Before the Horizon

Jaume Freixa and Francisco González, presidents respectively of Fundació Joan Miró and the BBVA Foundation, have opened the exhibition Before the Horizon at an event attended by the Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Catalonian Government, Andreu Mas-Colell.

Lars Peter Hansen, 2010 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge laureate, wins the Nobel Prize in Economics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced this morning that the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences had gone to U.S. professors Lars Peter Hansen, Eugene F. Fama and Robert J. Shiller. Lars Peter Hansen, a professor at the University of Chicago, was previously granted the 2010 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the Economics, Finance and Management category. That now makes three Frontiers of Knowledge laureates who have gone on to receive the Nobel, the other two being Robert Lefkowitz (2009 Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biomedicine) and Shinya Yamanaka (2010 Frontiers Award in Biomedicine). Both men won the Nobel in separate categories in 2012: Lefkowitz in Chemistry and Yamanaka in Medicine.

The BBVA Foundation awards recognize wetland recovery in Spain, whale conservation in Latin America and photojournalism focusing on conservation challenges

The BBVA Foundation Awards for Biodiversity Conservation recognize organizations carrying forward environmental conservation policies and projects, and the efforts of communicators who have placed their abilities at the service of protecting our natural heritage. Established in 2004, their three categories carry a combined cash prize of 580,000 euros, placing them among the foremost international awards in the realm of the environment.

Nobel laureate Brian Kobilka opens the SEBBM congress with the Alberto Sols-Fundación BBVA Lecture focusing on the impact of molecular receptors in cardiovascular research

If we can detect smells it is because our cell membranes contain proteins that change shape when bound with aromatic molecules. The movements involved are on a scale of billionths of a millimeter, but within the cell they trigger a cascade of changes in other molecules, so the signal can reach its target and elicit a response. This same mechanism, based on gateway proteins or receptors, enables us to detect light, hormones, flavors and drugs. We know this thanks to the work of Robert J. Lefkowitz, 2009 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biomedicine, and his disciple Brian K. Kobilka, joint winners of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

La economía debería crecer un mínimo del 1,4% anual en 2013-2016 para garantizar la sostenibilidad del sistema sanitario si no se adoptan reformas para controlar el gasto.

Si se cumplen las previsiones de crecimiento económico de la economía española realizadas por organismos como el Fondo Monetario Internacional  para el horizonte más inmediato, ninguna comunidad autónoma tiene garantizada a medio plazo la sostenibilidad financiera del sistema sanitario público, entendida esta como la evolución acompasada de las dinámicas de gasto sanitario público e ingreso público. El crecimiento medio anual del gasto sanitario público español esperado para el periodo 2013-2016 en ausencia de reformas que modifiquen significativamente la tendencia de crecimiento observada en los años previos, se estima en el 4,4%, aunque hay una notable variabilidad entre comunidades autónomas.

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