Roderic Guigó will explain the work of the ENCODE project in decoding the instructions written into the human genome and how they are “read” by the cells

Catalan scientist Roderic Guigó, a researcher in the Centre for Genomic Regulation at Pompeu Fabra University will give a talk titled "The ENCODE Project and the Decoding of the Human Genome” on Tuesday May 14 (19:30) in the BBVA Foundation’s Bilbao headquarters (Plaza San Nicolás, 4).

Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt investigates the existence of 'vacuum energy” as the force behind the accelerating Universe

“When I saw the data I was horrified. I thought we had made a huge mistake,” relates astronomer Brian Schmidt, talking about the observations that led him to the startling conclusion, back in 1998, that the Universe was accelerating, i.e., expanding at an increasingly rapid rate. This finding, which was borne out by subsequent measurements, has radically altered our vision of the cosmos. Schmidt explains how it came about at his lecture on “The Accelerated Universe” in the BBVA Foundation’s Madrid headquarters. And discusses one of its most surprising implications: the paradox that “we now understand the Universe very well, but at the same time have no idea what 96% of it is made of,” he remarks wryly.

Pierre Legrain, President of the Human Proteome Organization, talks about the proteome project and its importance for the future of medicine

French scientist Pierre Legrain, President of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) and Dean of the Postgraduate School at the École Polytechnique, Paris, will give a talk titled “From Proteins to Human Biology: How the Human Proteome Project Might Inspire Biological Research” on April 23 (19:30) in the BBVA Foundation, Bilbao (Plaza San Nicolás, 4).

Música de Escandinavia y Canadá, nuevo Retrato de PluralEnsemble-Fundación BBVA

La música procedente de Escandinavia y Canadá protagoniza el sexto concierto de la serie Retrato, incluida en el Ciclo de Conciertos Fundación BBVA de Música Contemporánea 2012-2013. La formación PluralEnsemble, a las órdenes de Lorraine Vaillancourt como directora invitada, será la encargada de interpretar este variado programa el miércoles 17 de abril a las 19.30 horas en la Sala de Cámara del Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid.

2nd AEOS-Fundación BBVA Conference website now active

The website of the 2nd AEOS-Fundación BBVA Conference on “Symphony orchestras: Their Triumphs and Challenges” is now open for visits. The new site brings together the talks given at this event, held on November 12-13, 2012 in the BBVA Foundation’s Madrid headquarters.p>

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